Our History

From the years of the Great Depression to the turning of a new millennium, the West End Church of Christ continues to be a source of strength and endurance for the cause of Christ. Throughout a century of faithful service, we’ve lived and stayed true to the original principles of the church, keeping the faith and sharing our commitment with the community while maintaining a unified fellowship.

The West End Church of Christ locale began in 1905, a time marked by economic recession, racial division, and voting inequality for women. But out of such troubled times, faithful Christians who transitioned from Nashville established a work that would spread from the community, throughout the state, and around the brotherhood. The message that drove the work was, “Doing Bible Things the Bible Way.”

Among our earliest efforts of outreach and spreading the gospel, we established new congregations such as the East Point Church of Christ, as well as Moreland Avenue – all in the our first decade.  In addition, we were one of the first churches to support Christian education and use radio as a way to reach masses of lost souls.

From the ministries of Bro. S.H. Hall, Bro. B.C. Goodpasture, Bro. H. Clyde Hale, Bro. Howard Allen, Bro. Franklin T. Puckett, Bro. J. Ed Nowlin, Bro. A.R. Hill, Bro. J.V. Copeland to the decision in 1973 to hire Bro. Wesley R. Brown, Sr. – our ninth minister who served through more than 30 years of change – to the current ministry of Bro. Orpheus J. Heyward. God has used great men to orchestrate and carry out the vision for his people.

Since his arrival, Bro. Orpheus J. Heyward has touched a special chord with members especially among the young adults.  He has stimulated members from the youngest to the most mature to express an even-greater interest in the Bible.  His charismatic, energetic, and scholarly approach to ministry has invigorated and promoted a new wave of enthusiasm.

Under the ministry of Bro. Orpheus Heyward, the West End Church of Christ is the fastest-growing African-American Church of Christ in the nation, on pace to becoming the largest African-American Church of Christ in the brotherhood.  Following theinstillation of Bro. Heyward as Minister of the West End Church of Christ in February of 2007, West End has been blessed to experience tremendous growth. With additions of more than 500 baptisms, the West End congregation now exceeds more than 1,000 members in attendance each Lord’s day.

One of the highlights of Bro. Heyward’s ministry was the addition of the television ministry.  Bro. Heyward and the Elders saw an evangelistic opportunity to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a greater audience.  In fall of 2009 Bro. Heyward and the West End Church of Christ commenced with the addition of a new T.V. program that airs weekly on Sunday nights on WATC 57.  The television ministry reaches homes throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area, all the way to cities as far away as Rome and Athens, GA.  Through the television ministry, many bible studies have commenced and many souls have been won to Christ.

The West End Church of Christ has a rich and diverse history of God’s people working to serve Him faithfully, and through His continued love, grace and mercy, we look forward to a productive future.