Adam McGill

Deacon – Sick & Shut-In

I grew up close to the Church, not a member since birth, but my grandparents and immediate family were all members of the Church. While in junior high school spending one summer in Huntsville, AL, my grandmother sat down and showed us the Jule Miller series on the Bible and after explaining everything to us, my brother and I were baptized by my grandfather in Scottsboro, AL.

I became a deacon, or offered up myself to be one, because deaconship is work and I have a desire to work. Frankly, I didn’t see any reason not to be a deacon. I feel like the Centurion; just say the word and I will do it. Additionally, I feel that there is so much that I have not done as a Christian and there is so much time that I have wasted. While I have control of these hands I want to put them to the plow and if God comes back while I am alive I want to be found at work, the Lord’s work.

The scripture that inspires me most is Ecclesiastes 12:1-13, It summarizes the “Just do it” attitude that I think Christians should have. To paraphrase, “shut-up and get to work!” There is something refreshing about this passage after reading all the philosophy and meandering of human thought to punctuate the close of the book with this simple and succinct ode to what we are called to do. Shut–up and get to work! Motivating others to do that which I desire to do myself. I don’t always understand why Christians can’t esteem other Christians higher than themselves.

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