Albert Hines, Jr.

Deacon – Singles

My wife of more than twenty years, introduced me to the Church. I attended church service with her, where she and some others asked me why do I take communion. That question kicked off our Bible study discussions. She shared 1 Corinthians 11 with me and I asked for further study. After hearing the Word, I knew that it was the truth and was baptized.

A leader in the Church had faith in me and asked that I repay him by doing for others what he had done for me. I have ever since and eventually became a deacon in October 2006 along with Adam McGill. He and I were the last deacons ordained by Bro. Wesley Brown before he retired. As a deacon, I am challenged with giving too much of myself. I’ve been told, “You’re too giving to a fault”, but I just choose to be a good “doer” in His vineyard.

My favorite scripture has recently changed to Psalms 23 for in it I’m encouraged to stay a faithful child of God, a sheep being led by the shepherd.

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