Antaures Jackson

Deacon – Training & Development

As a youth I attended the Montezuma Church of Christ in Montezuma, GA and I was baptized at the tender age of six.  Serving others has always been important to me, and something that I enjoy.  Even in my professional life, my career calls on me to serve others in the field of health care.  The desire was also present in my spiritual life.  I became a deacon, because the time was right and the opportunity was available for me to serve in an official capacity at the West End congregation.

The scripture that motivates me the most is the 13th chapter of 1st Corinthians. This is the chapter regarding love and in my opinion, love can conquer all things. My primary goal as a deacon is to help others improve their love for Christ, particularly our youth through serving others by way of mission work.  Participating in mission work allows one to obtain growth by finding ways to help others and giving of oneself without any financial gain.

My favorite past-time is hanging out with my wife Cara and five children, Mahogany, Betty, Antaures II, Evan and Alec enjoying outdoor activities together.  I also like to spend time watching action movies, traveling, and coaching youth sports.

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