Melvin Smith

Deacon – New Member Ministry

I was added to the body of Christ at the age of 15 after attending the Liberty City COC in Savannah, GA, my hometown, with my grandmother and her husband.  Becoming a deacon has always been a goal of mine.  My commitment is to continue to grow in God’s word and care for God’s flock by enhancing the body’s knowledge of His word, enhancing ministries to ensure God’s plan is fulfilled and expanding the borders of the Kingdom.

My favorite scripture is Psalms 139 and John 8:30-32.  They both remind me that I need to be honest with myself regarding my faithfulness.  They also remind me I can’t fool God because he knows me better than I know myself.

I met my lovely wife Adenika at Morris Brown College here in Atlanta. Together we have three children, Brianna, Tiana and Jalen.

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