Randolph McKinney

Randolph McKinney – Prison Outreach and Building & Grounds

I was born and raised in Savannah, Ga. After high school I served my country by enlisting in the U.S. Air. Force and serving in Viet Nam. I met and married my wife while stationed in Valdosta Ga. We have been married for 40 years. We have two sons, Randolph, Jr. and Reginald. Even though, my parents were excellent parents to me and my siblings, church was not taken seriously – as we only went two or three times a year. Now, my family and I have been members of West End since 1988. Our sons were literally raised at West End. It has always been my desire to serve God to my fullest in whatever capacity I can. God is the head of my life and I want to be as close to him as I can.

One of my favorite scriptures is Prov. 3: 5-7. It helps me to strive to get out of God’s way and let him do what only he can. I thank God for granting me this opportunity to serve in his church in this capacity, and serve is what I will do in harmony with God’s will, his way and his word.

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