Renard Anthony

Renard Anthony – Youth in Action

Growing up in Baptist household in Detroit, Michigan, I consider myself a “late bloomer”.  I was introduced to the Church by my cousin Sallie Shealy (Capital City COC) at a young age, ~13 and considered it different and educational, but stayed true to my family tradition.  Fast forward 25 years; following a discussion with Orpheus, regarding baptism in the Church versus the Baptist religion, I obeyed the gospel and was baptized.

My desire to serve God’s people and promote his plan continued to grow as my knowledge of his word grew, and I began to assist on multiple ministries and programs.  So when I was “tapped” I felt honored to be considered to function in the capacity of Deacon.

My free time is spent with my beautiful wife Cheryl, and two children, Avery and Jacob.
The scriptures which I lean on for comfort and a level of peace are Matthew 11:28-30 and James 1:12, the love of God resonates for me in these verses.

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