William Eddins

William Eddins – Marriage Ministry and Men of Valor

“It’s easy to lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” I’m thankful to God and my devoted wife, Casaundra for being patient with continuous love until I was willing to drink.

July 7,1991, I had my “Damascus moment” after returning from an 8-month tour in the Iraq War and after hearing a sermon preached by my high school principal Michael Crowder. Reflecting on numerous debates and arguments during my deployment on religion and religious preferences, I am grateful for the pamphlets, books, and scriptures my wife and her family sent me during this period to encourage me to strengthen my knowledge of God and his Church. While serving in a region where historical evidence tells us Christianity was established, and witnessing the persecution of innocent lives over religious beliefs, my tour turned out to be the providence of God.

My favorite scripture is Psalms 23. It embodies the spirit that no matter what obstacles, situation, nor circumstances I face, God will always be with me.

Through God’s unmerited favor, God has blessed our union with three sons, Cavarus, Chancellor, and Christopher.

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