David Bishop


Ministries: Youth and Education

A childhood friend first introduced me to the Lord’s church after I arrived in Atlanta to attend college. While visiting the West End congregation on Sundays and Wednesdays over a period of time, and my friend showing me scriptures while on campus in the dorms, I saw the need to be added to the Lord’s church.

I began working with the youth at West End as a high school Bible class teacher. Those experiences led to taking the class on outings to other congregations, youth conferences, and various visitations. The youth director at that time was preparing to leave West End, and he asked me to step in and lead some of the activities with the congregation’s youth. I stepped in to take on some of the tasks. West End was blessed with an active youth ministry over a period of several years.

I met my wife, Lisa, at West End and we were married in September of 1990. In 1995, I was ordained as a deacon with responsibility for the youth. In December of 2011, and after a year of training with our evangelist, I was ordained as an elder/shepherd with oversight of West End’s youth program, and now also the Education Minsitry.

Serving as an elder/shepherd is a great honor and responsibility. Shepherding God’s people at the congregation as an under-shepherd for Christ, the Chief Shepherd, is sometimes quite challenging. Having to make decisions that are not particularly popular with everyone is never easy. Not everyone looks at the entire picture of a situation and how so many are impacted when a determination is made with the local flock in mind. Focusing on Kingdom business and God’s eternal purpose as the goal helps a great deal. I certainly make mistakes and always welcome constructive criticism and input to better.

Our youth and their families can get into some pretty serious situations, and it’s important to be ready for anything and to be prayerful for patience and wisdom. I find that being as upfront and compassionately candid to be beneficial in many instances. Philippians 4:4-9 is my inspiration because it indicates a demeanor and attitude that I work to embrace and emulate.

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