I. David Logan


Ministries: Sick & Shut-In and Senior Citizens

Sometimes you meet people who will make a small impact in your life, and then others will help lead you down a path that will forever change who you were meant to be. I was evangelized and baptized by an employee whom I had recruited to our company in 1975. That experience led to my lifelong dedication to the Church. After being in the church for over a decade, in 1988, my name was submitted to become a deacon. I was convinced to interview by Bro. Wesley Brown.  This year, I celebrate more than twenty years of Christian growth, inspiration and dedication to the members of West End.

As an elder there are many reasons why I continue to care for God’s people. One of my biggest is a desire to help members understand the importance of the conditional status of their souls. I also find pleasure in listening to, talking with and helping people solve their daily challenges.

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