William Johnson


Ministries: New Members, Singles and Women of Faith

My Christian walk began with my wife introducing me to the West End Church of Christ along with Bro. Wesley Brown. He was kind enough to give me a personal Bible study, and from that point on, I knew the truth and was dedicated to walking in the Word.

The more I studied the word of God, the more I began to understand the principles of humility and servant hood, which is the very heart of Christ’s teaching. John 13:14-15 and Mark 9:33-35 gives us an example of our Lord teaching His disciples about greatness. He declares that true greatness is not achieved by striving for prominence over others or grasping for power, but a humble, self-effacing attitude of service to all, even the lowliest of people. An enormous amount of literature tells people how to become “number one,” how to be self-fulfilled, and how to achieve personal success. Self is the idol of modern man. But I find that the teaching of Jesus Christ is a stark contrast to this attitude that inflicts a deathblow to selfishness. It is a disposition that leads me genuinely and generously to care for the welfare and interest of others. It is a lowly attitude that reflects my position as a person under the master who calls me to lovingly sacrifice myself for the advancement and care of others. In other words I just want to serve Christ and my fellow man.

In 1991, I was ordained as an elder. I make my commitment as an elder an integral part of who I am. I must be able to put criticism in its proper perspective. I must be a good listener on the one hand and a clear thinker on the other. Above all, I must be able to absorb hostility regularly and over the long haul, never becoming hardened, insensitive, bitter, angry, or defensive. This challenge demands great strength of character and the emotional health that flows out of peace with God. At last, I must be a visionary who leads with conviction and with an eye on the future.

The scripture that most inspires me is Proverbs 3:3-7 because it reminds me to trust God in all my affairs both by faith and prayer. I believe that He is able to do all things what so ever He will; wise to do what is best and that He is good according to his promise.

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