The Golden Voices

Golden Voices_08The West End Golden Voices CD, “I’d Rather Have Jesus,” is now available for purchase.  The cost of the CD is $15.00.  A generous portion of the proceeds will go towards the up building of the Kingdom, particularly at the West End congregation.

To many, the matter of music in worship is a minor and insignificant question.  But, when we remember the false worship of Cain because he brought the wrong kind of offering, and the terrible death of Nadab and Abihu because they offered a strange fire on the alter, we see God’s attitude toward additions and changes.  We are warned that to go beyond the doctrine of Christ in anything is to be without God (2 John 9).  If God had not clearly specified the kind of music He wants, or if he had said sing and play we would be at liberty.  We must not go beyond the things that are written (1 Cor 4:6).  We must not presume God will accept another music in worship beside vocal, as there is no authority or mention of mechanical instruments in the New Testament Church.  Noah was to build the Ark of Gopher wood, and if he had used another kind, the will of God would have been broken.  In like manner, God has told us to sing.  To introduce instrumental music in worship is to bring in a competing kind, an unauthorized addition.

You can order your copy of “I’d Rather Have Jesus” right now.  Just fill out the form below and you will be contacted as soon as possible!  God Bless!!