Grief Share



Christian Cottage on West End COC’s campus
Sundays |  1:45 – 3:45pm
Starting March 4




  • GriefShare is a 13-week, Christ-centered, biblically based support group seminar. A grieving person can join at any time during the 13 weeks. Each session shows a video presentation followed by small group discussion about the video.
  • The GriefShare videos present experts, ministers, and Christian counselors discussing grief and recovery subjects helpful to people in grief. Real people share their stories of what has helped them deal with the pain of losing a family member or friend through death.
  • During the week between meetings, group members complete a daily Bible study and practical exercises to help them heal from grief.
  • GriefShare is for people who have lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend through death.

CONTACTS: Tonya Iverson & AnneMarie Alston

REGISTRATION: $20 (Scholarships available) 


The mission of GriefShare is to support, encourage, uplift and aid in the healing process of members and non members of the body of Christ in the death of a spouse, child, family member or friend. 


Provide individuals with a biblical and Christ-centered grief support group to support the healing processes following the death of a loved one.

Ministry Leadership:

Elder: Bill Moore

Deacon: Albert Hines

Co-Chair: Annemarie Alston

Chair: Tonya Iverson