Bible Class Schedule & Documents

All classes are held Sunday mornings starting at 9:40 a.m. and Wednesday evenings starting at 7:00 p.m.  Note: The Wednesday morning adult class starts at 10:00 a.m.

*Not all adult class materials are available electronically (email the Education Ministry for more information).

2017 Winter Quarter Course Offerings: January – March

Early Morning Inspirations Bible Study – Orpheus Heyward & Bill Moore (Sanctuary) – Please find all Class Materials Here

  • General Adult Bible Study. Meets at 10:00 a.m. each Wednesday morning  This class generally consists of retirees but all adults are welcomed.

Foundations of Faith – William Johnson, Randy McKinney, Fred McKinney (Room 13 – Legacy Building, Upper Level) – Please find Part 1 Class Materials Here and Part 2 Class Materials Here

  • This class is designed to help people of all ages get a grasp of basic principles of God, the Bible, and Christianity. Whether you are new to West End, have been baptized in the past year, or are an experienced believer who wants to provide fellowship and encouragement to those who are new.

God’s People in Hard Times – Reggie Rowell, Lambert McGaughy & Steve Langford (Room 2 – Christian Cottage) 

  • This class is for adults of all ages.

Good Choice (Women) – Bobbie Bable & Vanessa Franks (Wesley Brown Fellowship Hall – Legacy Building, Upper Level)

  • This class is for women of all ages who wish to study with other women. 

Keys to Kingdom Living: Embracing the Christian Disciplines – Orpheus Heyward & Floyd Williams (Sanctuary) Please find the Discipleship Workbook First Five Lessons Here

  • This class is designed to help people of all ages get a grasp of basic principles of God, the Bible and Christianity. 

Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples – Jaha Howard & Charlie Bingham (Room 3 – Christian Cottage)

  • Participants in this class are typically young single adults in their 20’s and 30’s but all adults are welcome.

The Quest for Authentic Manhood – Marcus Brummer & Melvin Smith (Room 11 – Legacy Building, Upper Level)

  • This class is for men of all ages who wish to study with other men to discuss how to mentor, support and encourage others.

Youth Classes for Toddlers through Grade 12 (Upper and Lower Levels – Legacy Building)


Toddlers – Middle School (Toddlers – Grade 8)

  • “21st Century Life – Links to God”

High School (Grades 9 – 12) – “Let’s Talk About Sex”

  • Separate Male/Female specialty classes.  Designed to teach God’s view of sex as taught in scripture.  Heavy emphasis placed on how Satan uses tactics to deceive teens in this area.  Lessons concentrate on the physical aspects of manhoood for males and womanhood for females and how mankind perverts God’s gift of sex.  A table of contents will be available for parents upon request.  Parents can opt their children out of the Sunday class.


Pre-K – Grade 5 combined as follows:

  • Pre-K & Kindergarden; Grades 1-2; Grades 3-5
  • “Just Guys” by Sharon Chatwell

High School

  • General lessons as usual

Direct all questions about youth classes to Veronica Moore and Antaures Jackson

Additional Bible Study Materials

  • Apologetics on the Case for the Bible (PDF)
  • Questions Skeptics Cannot Answer (PDF)
  • Don’t Collapse Under the Pressure of Compromise (PDF)

Sermon Notes

July 5, 2015     “Head of the Church vs. Head of the State”