Youth Worship Service & Rally



Youth Worship & Rally
March 18 |9 – 12:30pm 
WECOC Wesley R. Brown Sr. Fellowship Hall – Legacy Building

Calling all youth (ages 6 and up) from the greater Atlanta area and beyond!  Join us for our special Youth Worship & Fellowship Rally! It is our intention to encourage young people’s faith and commitment to Christ through fellowship with other like-minded adolescents. We will provide them a safe, friendly and fun environment to be the light that leads their peers to learn more about being a Christian.

Lunch will be served to all participants.

Regular morning worship service and adult bible school class will be held as
usual in the main building.  All other bible classes are suspended on March 18.
Parents, please direct your children ages six and older to the Youth Worship & Rally program in the Fellowship Hall.


Speaker Bro. Jermiyah Kelly from Inglewood, California, will be discussing the topic “Increasing Confidence with Sharing Christ”. Bro. Kelly is currently a Junior Religion Major at Morehouse College and has been attending West End Church of Christ while completing his college studies. He not only has a desire for the best in higher education but has an even greater passion for Christ.

Lerin Pierce, son of Earnest and Sharonda Pittman, will also bring a word from the Lord.  Even as an elementary aged youth, Lerin plays an active role at West End. He is a participant in West End’s Young Gents program and can be found serving in worship service, and spending time reading and reciting scripture.   
It is our hope that these young men will aid in bringing young
lost souls to Christ by obeying the Gospel, and restoring a fervent zeal to other youth that need to rededicate their lives to The Master.
Please bring donations of bottled water, soft drinks and juice
boxes/pouches now through the morning of March 18. We will store the items in
Room 8 of the Legacy Building. We will be serving pizza, so if you determine to donate money; it will be used for that purpose. 


Sister Congregations – Please contact us at and let us know if your youth group will be attending so we may plan accordingly.

West End Youth can contact, Youth Minister, Warren Blakney, or sign up in the foyer.


Visiting youth from our sister congregations, and our own West End youth and their friends will experience a worship service conducted and led by youth leaders and their peers. The worship service to Our Lord will have youth leading songs, preaching the gospel, leading prayer, conducting the Lord’s Supper, and contribution.
Following the worship hour, we will serve lunch and have a mini rally and talent show. Our youth choral group, EverPresent, will perform two song selections. Youth from other congregations are invited to do skits, spoken-word poetry, and other talent that helps magnify Our God.
Lunch will be served in the Legacy Building lower level with the help and assistance of our West End members.